Off we go, into the wild blue yonder

A kind reader sent me the following link to Far Reach Technologies – a small ISP in Florida with gradiose plans. We read on their web page that: “Far Reach is poised to take the next step and become the very first xMAX mobile VoIP network carrier in the world in what will be the largest wireless network service rollout in history.”

Forget all the technical issues we have been discussing in this blog (and many other issues which remain to be addressed), or the fact that xMax has apparently not been tested even in a single multi-user cell in a typical urban deployment. They are ready to take on the world! Well, at least the US: Far Reach Technologies today (10/16/2006) announced that it will be launching mobile VoIP and Broadband services in 76 markets across 8 states in the US“.

And how will this be done I hear you ask? By the magical properties of xMax of course. We read once again that “The key value proposition for xMax is that it lowers the cost of deploying broadband services. xMax accomplishes this by increasing the range of RF signals. By delivering broadband signals orders of magnitude farther than other technologies operating at the same frequency and power level, xMax reduces the amount of infrastructure required to cover a given area wirelessly by 25-50 fold depending upon the terrain.” The fact that these claims are certifiably false does not dampen the enthusiasm of this company in the least.
But my favorite part is the simple but poignant statement: “The disruptive technology created by xG is the greatest technical advance in RF communications in 100 years.” Now you know …

Well, at least no one will accuse them of false modesty.


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