Hmmmm … part II

In the earlier post titled “Hmmmm …” I mentioned a Mr. Marc Dannenberg who seems to be systematically scouring the web for any critical comments about xMax and posting abusive responses in an apparent attempt to discourage criticism by intimidation. He sent me numerous e-mails consisting primarily of virulent profanity and has also left me telephone messages in a similar vein. He has done a few other things which I prefer not to discuss in a public forum.

A reader of this blog sent me today a link to a filing of Far Reach Technologies which states that the aforementioned Mr. Dannenberg is an officer of this company. This is getting curiouser and curiouser. Far Reach as you may recall is the company who is supposed to roll out the xMax network this month. We have an officer of this company actively working to squash valid technical criticism of this technology. Just to give you an idea of the quality and logic of his technical arguments here is one of the milder e-mails he sent me.

Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 12:27 PM
Subject: You are a dumb motherfucker

I have a question, you stupid motherfucker, how did you get so stupid…were you dropped repeatedly on your head? Who the fuck is responsible for giving an imbecile like you a job educating others? He should be strung up by his balls. I can´t wait until you are fired.”

If any of the kind readers have something they want to say about this type of behavior and what this may imply about the  xMax story, please do not hesitate to post your comments.  I am going to refrain from speculation, tempting as it is.


2 responses to “Hmmmm … part II

  1. I have been tracking this company and reading the many blogs. I concur wholeheartedly that this must be a scam and will be the biggest fraud of the year or maybe the century. It’s pretty amazing actually. I am sure this is why Europe was selected and not the US. In the US, this company would get sued. Well, they already did as iDigi. It’s interesting that the email is from domain: isn’t this suppose to be one of the international customers. Just one piece of the cobweb of deceit. You can see the writing on the wall and plenty of folks are going to lose some big time bucks.. it’s actually a crying shame!! You just know that as soon as the insiders can sell to cash out.. they will be dumping big time.

  2. Marc J. Dannenberg is a mentally diseased career fraudster who should be approached and dealt with as such AT ALL TIMES. He was “disciplined” by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) in the U.S. in 1996 for making unauthorized transactions in customer accounts, after which he moved to Spain, a country that does not have an extradition agreement with the U.S.

    Since then, he has engaged in a practice commonly known as “pumping,” hyping speculative garbage such as HYGS, XGT.L and SHEC as highly rewarding investments to unsuspecting members of the public, causing them substantial loss.

    The government of New Zealand several years ago issued an alert on a company operated by Marc Dannenberg, warning the public that the company was soliciting brokerage-related business in NZ without having procured the proper licenses there, adding it is unknown whether the co. is licensed even in its country of domicile.

    Dannenberg is known to frequent Stock Watch 1 on Yahoo chat under the alias millionaire_genius (thus referred to by regular chatters there as MG), where in large bold letters he proceeds to do his usual pumping, and where he abuses anyone who takes issue with his assertions or posts something about Dannenberg’s sordid past, of which there is plenty.

    Below are just some of a myriad of online links referencing Marc Dannenberg; they speak volumes as to the kind of sociopath this individual is:


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