Ber vs. Eb/N0 plot

A BER vs. Eb/N0 plot has appeared on the xG Technology webpage. The plot shows the BER curve for xMax just to the right of a BER curve for BPSK. There is no text explaining the curve so one can not tell if this is a simulated or measured result. However, it does show xMax to require about 1dB higher Eb/N0 than BPSK. This is certainly plausible. This curve clearly and unequivocally shows that xMax is not more power efficient than conventional modulation techniques. In other words, it verifies what I have been saying in previous posts that the claims that xMax can operate with less power than conventional techniques are false. I am glad to see that xG Technology is finally coming to grips with this fact. I hope they will now publish a retraction of these claims, consistent with this technical information.

Given that xG Technology has been characterizing this power efficiency (which their own data shows to be nonexistent) as “the key value proposition of xMax” I assume that this is not the end of the story. Stay tuned for fast breaking developments …


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