Hmmmm …

Ever since I started this blog I have been receiving a flood of e-mail from a person identifying himself as Marc Dannenberg. These e-mails are written in the classical style of a rant, consisting of strings of incoherent sentences generously interspersed with virulent profanity. In the interest of good taste I will not post samples here. The point of these e-mails seems to be to stop me from posting my technical analysis of xMax.

Until recently I assumed this is simply an emotionally disturbed individual. When you post in a open forum like this, sooner or later you run into such sad people – it comes with the teritory. Therefore, I ignored these rants and consigned them to the black hole of my spam filter. However, a kind reader sent me the following link. This information, if true, would indicate that the xMax story has a longer and more colorful history than I expected. But more specifically, this identifies Marc Dannenberg as a person closely involved with the principals of xG Technology.

So here is my plea to the readers of this blog. If you have any information about who Marc Dannenberg really is, and what is his involvement with xG Technology, please let me know. If you don’t want your information to appear on the blog, e-mail me instead of posting a comment, and I promise to keep your e-mail confidential. I need to determine whether whoever is sending me these e-mails is acting as an individual, in which case I will just continue to ignore him, or is acting as an agent of xG Technology or a related entity, in which case I may need to pay more attention to this.

In either case I find it truly bizarre that my postings, which are on technical issues related to wireless, would attract this type of response. In my experience such rants usually come up in the context of political/social issues rather than science and engineering. Well, live and learn …


One response to “Hmmmm …

  1. the guy is a former penny stock broker, prob a criminal to least…I saw that is communicating with Jordon Belfort in FB. JB is a former owner at Stratton Oalmont and went to Prison for 24 months

    Worked at defunct broker Monroe Parker in NY

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