They must be kidding …

A kind reader pointed out to me that xG Technology posted on their web site another “technical document” called “xG Technology Develops Low-Power, Long-Range Wireless Devices with MathWorks Tools“. The document is a “user story” which MathWorks uses to promote their product MATLAB. For those unfamiliar with MATLAB – this is a high level software development tool which is widely used in the industry and the academia and is sort of a de-facto standard for applications involving signal and image processing. I have been doing all of my simulations in MATLAB for over 22 years, and can vouch for the fact that it is indeed an wonderful tool.

So apparently xG Technology is proudly announcing that they are using a standard software development tool that virtually every wireless (and many non-wireless) R&D group uses, and they are calling this a “technical document“. Unbelievable. I can’t wait to see what comes next …


2 responses to “They must be kidding …

  1. I like reading your assessments of Xg Technology, as they normally provide a good unbiased view, however, I don’t think you’ve gotten the point with this. The document you are refering to is marketing material for Matlab.

    In other words, the “de-facto standard,” as you refer to it, is using Xg Technology as a case study for their own marketing purposes! Naturally Xg are proud of this and thus publish it on their website.

    Quite a big difference from what you propose.



    You are absolutely right in saying that xG Technology would want to publish this. What caught my attention was that they published this as a “technology document” in “the technology” section of their website (rather than, say, in the News section). This document, as well as the previous document (Bobier’s vision statement), have no technical content. I think it is reasonable to expect that “technology documents” published by the company will contain some meaningful and accurate technical information. This is especially important given the paucity of such information about xMax. Publishing marketing info as technical documents can be very misleading for readers who are not technically savvy and can not make an informed judgement. I apologize if my post was not sufficiently clear.

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