Theatre of the absurd …

Several readers asked for my opinion about a recent Frost & Sullivan presentation called “Will Mobile WiMax deliver mobility” which talks about xMax as a “Potential Alternative Mobile Broadband Technology.” The presentation is very light on technical issues, which is the only part I am interested in here, so there is really not much for me to say.
Regarding mobile wireless broadband in general – please see my last post. I will try to elaborate on the issues I mentioned there in the near future. Regarding xMax – the presentation provides no technical information at all, and seems to just re-state some of the items appearing on the XG Technology web page without comment or critical evaluation. So there is absolutely nothing new or worth commenting about.

As to presenting xMax as a serious contender to 3G and WiMax — what can I say? On one hand we have technologies which have been developed by all the major wireless companies in the world, have been thoroughly studied and¬† tested, and are based on carefully designed standards. You can find literally hundreds of books and thousands of articles on all aspects of these technologies, including a very large number of peer reviewed scientific papers. On the other hand you have a secret technology based on patents revealing fundamental conceptual misunderstanding by the inventor, without any technical publications or meaningful test results, with performance claims violating well known principles of wireless communication. In a sane world these two topics would not be discussed in the same forum.


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