A Letter to the Readers

Based on my experience since I started this blog a little over two weeks ago, it seems that most of the feedback I am receiving comes from a group of readers who are interested in the xMax technology. Judging by their questions this group has essentially no knowledge or understanding of wireless, and more surprisingly, no real technical understanding of xMax either. This makes sense, perhaps, when one realizes that anyone knowledgeable about wireless will have little interest in this technology, but I am a bit puzzled as to why these readers are not forwarding their questions directly to XG Technology. Or is it that they are asking questions from the company but getting no answers because it is all so very secret …?

In any case, as I said several times before, I will be glad to address in this blog any technical questions about wireless, but it is not my intention to have this become the “xMax technical forum”. I guess that presently there is no real forum available for an open technical discussion of xMax, which may explain why I am getting these questions. At the risk of disappointing the kind readers of this blog I must decline to lead such a forum. There are much more important and interesting wireless topics to discuss. My interest in xMax was motivated by sort of a morbid curiosity to see how far one can get by making unrealistic and unrealizable wireless performance claims. It appears that one can get very far indeed, given the widespread state of “wireless illiteracy” even among people who should know better. Curiosity compels me to continue following this story, but I will not necessarily respond to exclusively xMax related questions. I will post about xMax if any new technical information becomes available, or if I see any new and particularly entertaining claims or statements …


2 responses to “A Letter to the Readers

  1. Hello there,

    Been following this with interest. FYI I emailed Joe Bobier and asked for a BER v Eb/No curve. He responded pretty quickly to say that one will be available on xG’s website soon (this was Wednesday last week). It should make interesting reading if/when it appears.

  2. JimDeGries@gmail.com

    It would be interesting to see some meaningful technical evaluation of xMax, and the BER vs Eb/No curve would be a good start. I have my doubts that we will see such information anytime soon. It is good though that you asked for this key information. I wish more people would ask such critical questions.

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