Yet another wireless/compression scam

Just for your entertainment here is another scam which combines wireless and compression technology claims. This one is brought to you by Brent Kovar from St. Petersburg, Florida, who claimed that “he had invented the most promising advance in Internet communication on the planet.” Among other applications of his “technology” he was going to “deliver 15 Mbps to and from a modified NATS equipped aircraft using existing antennas, radios“. In an even more bizzare twist 5.5 tons of cocaine have been found in an aircraft he owned jointly with then congressional majority leader Tom Delay.

One interesting aspect of this from my perspective is that Kovar apparently fooled with ease various people with supposed technical expertise. Consider the following quote, for example: “Limehouse saw top engineers from COMSAT, a satellite company, grill Kovar with highly technical questions about his invention. “He just sat there answering questions — the most calm, collected, confident guy in your life,” Limehouse said. “And they were in awe over the guy.””

There is a lesson in here somewhere …


One response to “Yet another wireless/compression scam

  1. Wow, you just can’t make this stuff up…

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