xMax “disclaimer”

Because I seem to be writing quite a few posts about xMax, let me make the following “disclaimer”. I have no interest in or connection to XG Technology, nor do I stand to gain or lose financially from this company’s success or failure. My interest in xMax is purely technical/scientific. I have been interested in communications most of my life and know quite a bit about the topic, both theory and practice. I got interested in xMax a couple of years ago when a friend sent me a link to an article which claimed that xMax requires orders of magnitude less power than conventional techniques. I have been following the story since then because it is such a fascinating combination of truth and fiction. The truth being that this is an unconventional modulation technique which certainly should work. The fiction being the highly exaggerated performance claims which seem to be based on some fundamental lack of understanding of communication theory by some of the people involved.

Another thing that happened a couple of years ago is that I gave a number of talks on “Wireless Facts and Fiction” which addressed other (non xMax related) extraordinary claims prevalent in the wireless industry. As a result, quite a few people know me, and some of them have been sending me questions about xMax and other technologies which make “incredible claims”. Instead of answering them individually I thought it would be easier and better to do this by starting this blog. The focus of this blog is not on xMax but on “Wireless Fiction” in general. However, as long as I get questions about xMax I will try to respond. Hopefully this topic will gradually disappear once reality rears its ugly head ….


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