A Technology Breakthrough (part 1)

Our company is introducing a new technology which will revolutionize the wireless industry as we know it. It is expected to replace 3G/4G at a fraction of the cost and provides 100X performance compared to existing systems. Details to be announced in an upcoming press conference.


All of the major cell phone companies have started discarding their existing phones which are now obsolete in view of our revolutionary technology.


One response to “A Technology Breakthrough (part 1)

  1. Those WWI German (?) soldiers with the early wireless set remind me of some of the guys you see every year at the Dayton (Ohio) Hamvention, the biggest yearly gathering of radio amateurs. You see guys wearing aluminum hard hats on which various kinds of antennas have been mounted, ranging from simple “rubber ducks” up to HF cubical quads (!) I suppose they may even work, but their main function seems to be the radiation of humor waves rather than radio waves…

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