Wild Wireless

When it comes to really wild wireless ideas, consider Gaiacomm International Corporation. On its welcome page we read that the company will be “Bringing the next generation of global wireless communication technology to life. Gaiacomm International Corporation is committed to developing an Earth-friendly 4G specification that will transform communication technology worldwide”. So far so good. We then learn that “Our goal is to have data rates up to 100 Tbps, tera-bits-per-sec. New design techniques, however, are needed to make this happen at our desired target of one-tenth the cost of 3G.” A Terabit, in case you don’t happen to know, is a thousand Gigabits, or a million megabits. It certainly is a lot of bits. Among the publications on their web site we find a fascinating interview with Frost & Sullivan and a document titled 4G Wireless Communication. We also note that Frost & Sullivan Honors Gaiacomm International with 2004 Wi-Max Technology Innovation of the Year Award! Continuing to read we find statements such as:

“GWC is intended to provide high speed; high capacity, low cost per bit, IP based services, fiberoptic wireless connection and a truly global wireless communications system operating in frequency ranges that surpass all other telecommunication companies on planet earth.”

“[Our technology] will allow enlightened minds to devote themselves into other areas of intellectual and technical enquiry. By encouraging a transparent exchange of information, peace and goodwill will undoubtedly be fostered.”

“Gaiacomm International Corporation has developed and refined a communications system that is virtually wireless on all fronts. By using the natural frequencies generated by the Earth and other bodies, Gaiacomm determined that it is scientifically possible globally to transmit a signal of any strength to all parts of the planet up to and including inner space and outer space. In all respects, this means that a form of sub-space communications has been discovered using the governing dynamics existing in the electromagnetic spectrum that radiates globally and interstellar in all forms, including the sought after ‘Dark Matter’ radiation.”

Numerous business markets, both vertical and peripheral, will flourish because Gaiacomm exists. Which is to say, that because of the power that Gaiacomm’s terahertz technology will provide, and the inadequacy of 3rd Generation wireless technology to meet the needs of the marketplace, a move from 3G developments to 4G will occur rapidly once the opportunities for new applications, and new features for old applications, becomes evident. Now there has been heavy investment in 3G, and many will resist at first, but soon even the most obstinate of these businesses will come to accept that trying to build on the backbone of 3G wireless symbolizes a pointless tussle with the obsolete.”

“What is unique about Gaiacomm’s value proposition for the wireless communication sector? Our Antennae/Amplifiers cover a broadcast range of five million square surface miles, using the magnetic fields of the earth. Our name, in fact, Gaiacomm, is the combination of telescoping two words — “Gaia”, the Greek word for earth or earth-friendly, and “comm”, short for communications — to derive its message of using the natural properties of the planet to enable telecommunications. With nine of these Antenna/Amplifier towers and 27 attendant CRITERIA towers (3 per A/A tower) to handle billions of calls and data transmissions, there will not be a place on the earth, or below it, that cannot be served. And due to the strength of its near infrared spectrum wavelength, no natural impediments or physical barriers will disrupt the signal in any measurable form. Some day in the not-too-distant future, those born today will view old Verizon commercials — the ones with the catchphrase, “Can you hear me now?” — and they will ask incredulously, “What was that all about?” ”

This is pretty powerful stuff – no false modesty here!  Now GWC is not claiming that it has this technology available (or does it?). It apparently was seeking funding to develop the technology. One wonders what happened to this revolutionary technology since 2004.

13 responses to “Wild Wireless

  1. Judah Ben-Hur

    Dear Colleague:

    I appreciate and respect your opinions. As you are aware there are numerous scientific claims that seem to be overly ambitious in nature, and granted there are some that are. I will not defend what I already know because it only will continue to get more complicated. As you stated this forum is not the place for new discoveries but for proven antiquated technology. The 4G handsets you speak of cannot operate without a system that provides the energy broadcasted. So yes, first the transmission system then the 4G handsets to receive and transmit data.

    Some of us have more freedom than others to do what is necessary to inform and educate others like yourself. I have liberty to do what is right without the fear of consequences because I accept full responsibility and accountability for my actions and results. The conference in WDC is to inform those of what is available in the terahertz field.

    Peer reviews are not necessary for technology developed. And the serious technical implications of what I have written about are not to be in the hands of the
    consumer. Creditability is earned not given by the voices of others. If I need to run into a rabbit hole its not to escape. I do understand your points of view and can appreciate your concerns. My classification with confidential data is tailored specifically to my requirements and the ones that issue and monitor it. Your level of expertise is different than mine thus we operate and move in different circles.

    As for my political opinions they are mixed with my scientific ethics. I have God given rights and I intend to use them without compromise. I am sure that you are a fine scientist and have a great deal to contribute to science, I only hope that you view this with an open mind and wait for the end results. Time will give you the answers you seek and the time is very short.

    Dr. Judah Ben-Hur

  2. Say what?

  3. the future of 4G today – GAIACOMM
    4G THZ Isotropic Antenna Element
    The Gaiacomm IA (Isotropic antenna) is a unique design using a material that allows energy to be reflected in a 360-degree pattern. The GAIACOMM Isotropic antenna element is a 50 foot diameter grid antenna that can support multiple frequencies with little or no signal attenuation. This design is extremely unique and gives the GAIACOMM system the ability to create transmission speeds that have been to date impossible. The GAIA Isotropic antenna supports MIMO (multi-in/multi-out) technology that allows both incoming and outgoing sessions all at the same time while maintaining fast hand-off speeds between elements.
    Each element can process multiple signal sessions as well as has the ability for a dedicated RF channel for high-speed NLOS back-hauling to the GAIACOMM base station. By combining multiple elements, GAIACOMM can effectively create coverage zones that go way beyond today’s traditional antenna elements.
    GAIACOMM Antenna Features:
    •Omni directional RF coverage.
    • Frequencies from 1.4 THz to 29.0 THz
    • Large, High Density Footprint
    • Aerodynamic Shape
    • Built to Withstand Extreme Shock & Vibration Environments.
    • Advanced Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP) polling technique delivers up to 100 Tbps of usable throughput.
    • Gaia3 technology, enhances non-line of sight performance improving deployment in challenging areas.
    • High Aero-Heating Protection Available.
    • Rugged Construction Smart Antenna design.
    •Large coverage area in square surface miles (minimum 25 sq surface miles to 5.1 million sq surface miles).
    •Redundancy built in system for correctional downtime prevention.
    •Dynamic Power adjustments and channel assignments.

  4. JimDeGries@gmail.com

    An antenna is a very small part of a communication system. You are listing various attributes which have nothing to do with the antenna, but rather with the nonexistent communication system. In any case, the frequency range of 1.4 – 29 THz makes this completely irrelevant for 4G systems or any other communication system to be developed in the foreseeable future.

  5. OK, that is your take. The antenna (elements) in this case are very important because of the nature of the (waves..radiation, etc) used. what about this one:

    the future of 4G today – GAIACOMM
    High-Availability 4G Wireless Base Station Think that 4G is still in the future or many years away, think again. Based upon GAIACOMM’s award winning technology, ultra-high speed and reliable wireless data and communication systems are available today. Increasing demand for high performance 4G broadband wireless calls for the use of multiple antennas at both the base station and subscriber ends. Multiple antenna technologies enable high capacities suited for
    Internet and multimedia services and also dramatically increase range and reliability. The target frequency band for this system is 1 to 6 THz due to
    favorable propagation characteristics and low radio-frequency (RF) equipment cost. The broadband channel is typically non-LOS channel and includes impairments such as time-selective fading and frequencyselective fading. Multiple antennas at the transmitter and receiver provide diversity in a fading environment. By employing multiple antennas, multiple spatial channels are created and it is unlikely all the channels will fade simultaneously.
    The Gaiacomm Base Station performs much like a Wireless Router supporting traditional infrastructure as well as ad-hoc wireless
    networking, however the base-station has the intelligence for converging the wireless communication, data communication, computer
    communication as well as telecommunications.
    GAIACOMM Station Provides:
    •Area and power-efficient broadband signal processing for wideband wireless applications.
    •Highest industry channel density (MOPS pooling) in flexible new BTS signal processing architectures.
    • BTS solutions scalable to higher clock rates and higher network capacity.
    • Waveform-specific processors provides new architecture for platform reuse in terminals for multi-service capability.
    • Terminal solutions achieve highest computational efficiency for application with high flexibility.
    • Powerful layered software architecture using virtual machine programming concept.

  6. JimDeGries@gmail.com

    You are saying “Based upon GAIACOMM’s award winning technology, ultra-high speed and reliable wireless data and communication systems are available today.” If they are available today, could you point to information about the actual finished product, results of tests, articles describing its performance, pricing information, etc.? As far as I know your postings are pure fantasy with no basis in reality whatsoever. Have you or anyone else built and tested a communication system using this “technology”? If so, where is it described?

  7. There is no “finished” product that can be demostrated publically at this time. As for “fantasy”and “reality” yes, that is what you wish for, and what is true, to those that do not understand or wish to, and because of lack of vision and belief. “there is allot more to the universe”. Yes, a communications system has been built and tested using the technology, and is not in the “public domain” at this time.

    I hope your blog makes it to the top 100 one day. You are offering great insight to those that wish to know. Keep up the great work!

  8. JimDeGries@gmail.com

    I suggest that the interested reader type into google: `judah ben hur gaiacomm’ and browse a few of the results. Here is a random collection of links I found, but there are many more.
    Link1 is actually not about Dr. Ben Hur but about Gaiacomm. Definitely worth reading.
    Link2 is hard to describe. Note that it is signed by Judah Ben Hur, King of Judea.
    Link3, Link4, Link5, Link6, Link7 – well, what can I say? Kind of speaks for itself.

  9. But Jim, don’t you understand that Frost & Sullivan gave Gaiacomm an *award*??

  10. It’s surprising what kind of posts you can find on a blog about Wireless Facts and Fiction blog 😮

  11. Thank you for spreading the Truth!

    PS: You should not deviate from your intent..stick to technology….

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  13. Found this story very interesting… and I hope it works!


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